WebDev: Cool Parts with HTML5, JavaScript ES6 & CryptoJS


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In this course you will explore the newest improvements that have been added to web developer’s toolkit. Topics will cover:

  • Storage API – allows you to store an entire website on your browser for offline browsing
  • WebWorkers – give background process that allows the main website window to stay responsive even when completing a long running task
  • WebSocket-used to build a real-time communication system that runs on JavaScript and C#
  • SpiderMonkey js Command-allows running JavaScript on desktops without browsers
  • ECMAScript 6 Features added to JavaScript to make it more powerful with such features as objected oriented programming using the “class” keyword
  • Cryptography used to encode and decode secret messages

You will develop two C# programs to work with these new features and a basic website project to work with JavaScript and HTML5. You will not find such diversity of code examples anywhere on udemy. This course will teach how not to be locked in into a single technology mindset.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to take his / hers WEB DEVELOPMENT skills to the next level.
  • Someone with basic exposure to programming.