Using Xbox 360 Controllers in JavaScript Applications


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This course demonstrates how to wrap the Gamepad NPM package by creating a new package, or module, that is specific to Xbox 360 controllers.

Some of the main topics you will learn include:

  • Creating a new JavaScript module
  • Handling controller events (e.g. button presses and axis movements)
  • Mapping control Id’s emitted from Gamepad to more meaningful names (e.g. A, B, X, Y, RB, LB, etc)
  • Determining when controllers are connected and disconnected from the system
  • Filtering output from other types of gamepads/controllers connected to any system

Adding this module to your code base will allow you to use Xbox controllers as input devices for any of your Node.js applications. Pair this with any applications you create using a JavaScript robotics framework, such as Johnny-Five, to be able to control robots right from your 360 controller.

Who is the target audience?
  • Any JavaScript developers who would like to utilize controllers in their applications