Make Your First Game – Crash Course 1 | Learn Unity Now!


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Welcome to the Retro Crash Course by Xenfinity! By following along with the curriculum, you’ll learn how to create a classic style retro game about shooting asteroids and earning points! Although this game is a 2D shooter, the lessons you learn will apply all across Unity due to its flexibility and cross platform support!

The game includes the following features that I can’t wait for you to build!

  • Physics Based Movement
  • Inertia Retainment
  • Yaw Rotation Controls
  • Weapon Firing
  • 2D Collisions and Physics
  • UI Components such as Main Menu Screen
  • Scoring/Points System
  • Random Asteroid Spawning
  • Losing and Restarting
  • Zero Gravity

In this course, we cover the essentials for you to create this game with no experience in Unity. Before starting, you should install Visual Studio Community 2017 and Unity 5.5+. You’ll code along with me as we build Xenoshooter, a game where the player must stay on their toes dodging asteroids while shooting at the same time.

Let’s start your game development journey together!

See you in Lesson 1,


Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone interested in creating games who is new to Unity.