Identify Theft Prevention


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This course is all about how to stay safe online. How to keep your details safe, how to identify potential dangers, what to do, what not to do and what to look out for when browsing, when opening emails, when surfing online.

These days the risk of fraudulent activity and identity theft are at an all time high because people are so lose and open with their personal information! If you are on social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn and you have your entire ‘CV’ and life on there… if a security question was ‘name your first school’ and that is on your profile – it doesn’t take much to piece things together to build up a profile on you!

The creator of this course was a victim of a $2,400 facebook fraud and fortunately the money was reimbursed, but it still caused financial hardship because the credit card company had already taken the full direct debit payment from the bank! They refunded the card – but thats no good, if the CASH has already been taken from your account and they’ve just issued a credit note! And you have bills and staff and suppliers to pay!

This course covers:

•The dangers of ID theft

•The Do’s and Don’ts of the internet

•Search engines and URL security

•How to stay safe when using a public network

•Removing cookies, Internet browse history & temporary internet Files

•Disabling Ad-ons

•10 rules to keep safe online

It’s not to ‘frighten’ you but just to make you aware of some of the dangers. Everything can be combated with some knowledge and awareness and that is what this course aims to provide.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone using the internet and unaware of the dangers of identity theft