AWS Certified Associate (3 Cert Pack + Practice Exams) 2017


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This course is designed to prepare you for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, AWS Certified Developer Associate and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate exams in the shortest possible time.


  • theory video lectures
  • hands-on video lectures
  • real life labs
  • practice tests / quizzes for each main section
  • 3 full length certification practice exams!

The course is divided into Core Knowledge and Certification Stream Knowledge. The Core Knowledge covers all knowledge that is common to all associate level exams. The Certification Stream Knowledge covers knowledge that is specific to a certification exam (Solutions Architect, Developer, SysOps Administrator). This is important is you decide to do multiple certification exams and don’t want to waste time re-learning material you already know.

Each section is divided into a main lecture covering the subject theory and hands on guidance using the service. This is reinforced through many quizzes to ensure knowledge is retained.

At the end of the course theory you will be led through practical lab sessions that detail the application of a specific use case.

The course culminates in 3 practice exams to give you exposure to the type of questions you can expect on the exam:

  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate,
  2. AWS Certified Developer Associate, and
  3. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone wanting to work as a Solutions Architect, Administrator or Developer in AWS cloud technology.